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Despite Being An Action RPG, Gotham Knights Do Not Start Its Characters As Weaklings As Is Typical In The Genre

Instead, at the start of the game, Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood will all be the strong Batman acolytes you’d anticipate, and they’ll each discover their particular special ways to grow stronger as the game progresses.

Each of the four characters starts very skilled at what the project team jokingly refers to as “Batman stuff,” but as you play through the game, their special skill trees allow them to develop into various vigilantes.

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Patrick Redding, the creative director of Gotham Knights, spoke with us as part of our IGN First coverage of the game during its month-long launch.

The fact that these knights, who would later become our heroes, were outstanding from the start of the game was crucial for us. They are not at all inefficient in their attempts to combat crime. The truth is that they are all alumni of Batman’s School of Crime Fighting.

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They contain a lot of fundamental tools for movement, fighting, stealth, and the grappling hook at the beginning, which makes them initially rather comparable. Then, as the game continues, they completely change to reflect their perception of what the Dark Knight of Gotham City should be like.

Director Jeff Ellenor says, “We didn’t want to build a dungeon crawler RPG where you go into the woods, kill six snails, and come back with a cane. In the end, these trained by Batman and others individuals are quite intriguing. They are incredibly intelligent.

They have a lot of skills. However, they still have to prove themselves and learn what it takes to defend Gotham City without Batman. They never start from scratch, but they do make a development. The characters are fairly powerful as soon as you pick up a controller.

According to IGN USA, this doesn’t imply that the game won’t be difficult; rather, it’s about providing the player the idea that our heroes are genuine people, not just make-believe characters.