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Dead Island 2: Day One Edition Box Art, Release Date, And Screenshots Surface on Amazon

Dead Island 2

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Dead Island 2 is arguably one of the most anticipated games locked behind the fiery gates of development hell . The first game dropped over a decade ago, and ever since, zombie-slaying fans have yearned for a sequel. Well, they’re in luck. A Dead Island 2: Day One Edition positing was spotted on Amazon with box art, in-game photos, and a 2023 release date. The new info was taken down, but we made sure to grab the images and extra deets for you.



According to the info on the Amazon page, Dead Island 2 will be available on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles. However, current-gen versions of the game don’t have web pages yet. The story follows an elite squad that’s immune to the infection, meaning we’ll be seeing 8-player co-op when the game drops. The full summary reads as follows:

“Several months after the events on Banoi, the United States military has put the Golden State under full quarantine. Now a restricted zone, California has become a bloody paradise for those who refuse to leave their homes and an action-packed playground for renegades who seek adventure, glory and a fresh start. Combining the classic Dead Island elements of immersive close combat, action and role-playing, Dead Island 2 features crazy, never-before-seen handcrafted weapons and over-the-top characters in taking players from the iconic Golden Gate to the celebrated beachfront boardwalk of southern California’s Venice Beach.”

Players must craft zany weapons like in the first game to defeat the seemingly never-ending hordes plaguing the West Coast. Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios’ gory adventure allegedly launches on February 3, 2023 (or at least that’s what appeared on the listings earlier today before suddenly disappearing). Hopefully, this date holds up/reemerges as we move into the new year.

Are you enthusiastic about Dead Island 2? Are you skeptical of its existence? Let us know in the comments below!