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David Beckham And Victoria Beckham Make Fun As They Unintentionally Match Their Clothing’s Colors For A Second Time

Victoria and David Beckham are still on vacation. The family is on vacation in Europe and is taking a luxurious yacht in the Mediterranean. The pair now spends time in Saint-Tropez, where they take in the resort’s beautiful scenery.

Victoria posted a photo of her and her husband on vacation the day before on social media. The designer posed for the picture wearing a red dress with red polka dots, while her spouse wore a red polo.

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Looks like I’ve motivated David once more. Unbelievable coincidence that she was unable to avoid it in order to save her spouse any hurt. When Victoria and her husband chose to wear yellow clothing for their wedding anniversary celebration in Venice, Victoria recently made fun of her husband’s wardrobe decisions.

“Many people find inspiration in me. Who stole from who? She laughed. But David, who was the first to wear that way, hurried to restore justice. Fans of the duo never stop praising the partners’ ironic humor and sense of humor.

Couples that train together stay together, “You are very amusing,” “Best couple,” “Reminds me of when I was in school, and my parents dressed twins the same, and they hated it.” Couples who dress alike are like-minded individuals, the followers wrote on Victoria’s most recent photo.

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It comes after Posh Spice on Saturday posted a lovely photo of husband David and daughter Harper Seven to Instagram as the family took in a breathtaking sunset.

In the picture, the former player is seen cuddling close to the couple’s youngest child as they enjoy the breathtaking views of the tranquil ocean.

With his hair spiked and face unshaven, David cut a laid-back figure in a dark T-shirt and chinos.

The father-and-daughter team grinned for the camera as they relaxed and took in some downtime from their trip, which included seeing the beauties of Croatia.


Happy summer, proud mother Victoria captioned the photo. From Harper Seven and Daddy, kisses.