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Data Miners For Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Found Files For An Iron Man Skin With A Chest-Mounted Unibeam

A significant new update for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla was just released by Ubisoft, and it has sparked the curiosity of many players once again.

One person who showed interest was a data miner by the name of JorRaptor, who started looking through new files right away.

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To his astonishment, the enthusiast discovered extra costumes in the hidden files, including a full-fledged Iron Man suit, a Thanos glove, and other unexpected outfits.

It turned out that the armor is totally functional and even enables you to fire energy beams, much like in the Marvel movies. In a unique film, JorRaptor presented the whole collection of discoveries.

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It appears that the new cosmetics have nothing to do with the extensive partnership between Ubisoft and Marvel. The design of the gloves and armor in the game only strongly resembles those in the comics; it does not completely replicate them.

The helmet resembles a Star Wars stormtrooper more than the Iron Man-style armor, which is the same color as in the film. The glove is in the same predicament; it can only uncover comparable components.

I would argue that the Chocobo mount was much more startling to ride into the desert sands than Iron Man’s mechanical mount, which may be a little out of place for medieval England. The Fortnite-ization of Assassin’s Creed continues. Despite Ubisoft’s issues with cancellations and delays, Valhalla has benefited from a somewhat busy release calendar.

The big Dawn of Ragnarok addition, which added a tonne of Norse mythology quests to the already enormous open-world RPG, was released by the publisher this spring.

Since the game’s first release, Ubisoft has released a Valhalla expansion every year, and that trend doesn’t seem to be stopping. Therefore, I don’t mind if the creators take a bit longer to fine-tune the skins as nobody was ever anticipating them from a Viking game.