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Comedian Trevor Noah Has Been Ordered By The Court To Provide Physical Proof For His Malpractice Claim

Comedians can make jokes about just anything. But sometimes, some things are too serious to make a joke about. Just because some people are celebrities doesn’t mean that they don’t face things in their life as well. And for Trevor Noah , it seems he went through some tough times recently.

Trevor Noah sued a New York Hospital for Special Surgery recently for the acts of malpractice. He was at the hospital to get an undisclosed surgery and he called out the doctor who had operated on him for failing to treat him correctly.

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He has claimed that some of the remains of the surgery have cost him eternal pain. He also states that the surgery made him go through massive bouts of emotional distress. Another statement in his claim was that he was prevented from working for a long time due to the doctor’s negligence.

The hospital itself has denied all allegations of wrongdoing. The hospital claims that Noah’s claims are meritless and that their doctor did everything in his power to provide the best care and treatment to Trevor Noah.

Since the case has already been brought to the courts, the courts have ordered Trevor Noah to provide sufficient proof of this malpractice. They have asked him to provide proof through a physical examination to be submitted within 60 days.

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They have also asked him to testify against the doctor. Adding on to that, he might also have to give access to the doctor of his previous medical files to prove that he was already perfectly well before this recent surgery.

If he fails at providing sufficient proof, there could be a lot of problems for Trevor Noah. Trevor Noah and his team have not responded yet to the terms that the courts have extended to them. However, the case has not been withdrawn yet from the court .


Trevor Noah is a fun guy but fans seem to believe if he is complaining, there must be some reason. Fans are shocked that there is such drama happening in Trevor’s life and have also extended their sympathies toward him for his recent surgery.