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Collei Team Composition Guide In Genshin Impact Allows You To Test Out Each New Dendro Response

In Genshin Impact, Collei was a subject of the Fatui’s testing, but she managed to get away. She arrived in Mondstadt due to her travels, where she later ran across Amber and other members of the Knights of Favonius, including Jean, Lisa, and Kaeya. She chooses to accompany Cyno to Sumeru, where she currently resides, after the Genshin Impact manga.

Collei is initially wary of Amber but ultimately embraces her as a friend, and the game frequently displays Collei’s affection for the Outrider. She shares several attributes with Amber, such as her passive exploration. However, it is named Gliding Champion of Sumeru rather than Gliding Champion of Mondstadt. Amber, unfortunately, doesn’t exactly fit in with Collei’s most fantastic Genshin Impact team lineups.

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Along with the Quicken Elemental Reaction, this Collei team competition emphasizes it. Collei is here to support Electro troops rather than Dendro characters, though. Collei should therefore refrain from using 4pc Deepwood Memories and instead make use of other empowering artefacts like 4pc Noblesse Oblige or 4pc Instructor.

Support, healer, or shielder should play the second character. For instance, Sucrose excels with EM buffs, whereas Kaedehara Kazuha excels at granting an Electro DMG Bonus. Both Jean and Kuki Shinobu are options for gamers who need heals. Zhongli can take over as a shielder in the interim.

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In Genshin Impact, this Collei team composition will use the Burgeon Reaction as the centerpiece of her gameplay, as opposed to the usual choice for Dendro heroes that play with Quicken and Spread. While Bloom and Overloaded have the same number of damage points, Burgeon has more damage.

Collei and the Dendro Traveler will use Dendro for Sangonomiya Kokomi to create Bloom consistently in this place. Thoma will set off these Blooms’ explosions, triggering the Burgeon response and delivering AoE Dendro DMG.