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Christine Brown Breaks Down In Tears As Her Youngest Child Truely Officially Enters Middle School

The mother of Sister Wives said in an Instagram post that she choked up as she watched her 12-year-old daughter Truely Brown start junior high.

“Truely’s first day of middle school has arrived. She is really eager to meet people!” Christine, 50, posted a caption with a picture of Truely getting ready to start at a new school. “just eager for adventures! She’s going to rock it as she does everything, in all honesty.”

For Christine, the day marked the passage of her final kid in high school. “I, on the other hand, am struggling to control my tears. She is the last of my children to start middle school.” Christine wrote a few hashtags, such as “quivering wreck” and “fortunate mom,” to the comment.

Truely is the youngest kid that Christine Brown has with her ex-husband Kody Brown. Five more children were born to the Sister Wives couple: Mykelti, 25; Paedon, 23; Aspyn, 26; Ysabel, 18, and Gwendlyn, 20. Even though Brown told Kody she was leaving in November, they are still co-parenting.

Christine further severed her links to the Brown family in August, according to records obtained by Us Weekly, by reselling her half of the family’s Coyote Pass property for just $10. The transaction is referred to as a “gift” in the documents.

This happened after Christine left the Flagstaff region and all of Arizona to visit her adult children who were residing in Utah. Christine’s choice to leave Kody’s life and subsequent departure are hinted at in a trailer for the forthcoming season 17 of Sister Wives. The choice has an effect on her sister’s wives’ lives in addition to her 28-year marriage to Kody.

Kody is still wed to Robyn Brown, his most current wife, and only other spouse, as well as Janelle Brown, Meri Brown, and Meri Brown.