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Chrissy Teigen Can’t Wait To Get More Pregnant Than She Already Is

Chrissy Teigen is pregnant once again and expecting to expand her family alongside her husband John Legend. But although Chrissy is plenty pregnant, judging by her latest Instagram post, it seems that is not pregnant enough for her.

The latest post on Chrissy’s Instagram shows her growing quite a decently sized stomach but Chrissy, who already has 2 children with John Legend knows that it will get much bigger than this and she can’t wait to get to that stage.

The caption of the photo where Chrissy seems to be in the middle of some kind of photoshoot states:

“The in between stage is my least fun stage. just be huge already please !!!! Also very much love @hairinel in this pic. don’t worry we can’t see you!!”

Chrissy already has 2 children with her husband John Legend, a daughter named Luna who is 6 years old, and a son named Miles who is 4 years old.

While the upcoming member of the family will take their total tally of children up to 3, it is not Chrissy’s 3rd pregnancy. The couple revealed back in 2020 that they had a little boy named Jack on the way whom they lost while Chrissy was only at the halfway mark of her pregnancy tenure.

The whole situation was very difficult for the couple but in a recent statement, Chrissy revealed that she was really grateful for the love and support they received during the tough time and that despite all the hardship they managed to prevail and come out the other side. She explained her feelings in the following words:

“Seeing people rally around us has been really beautiful. There have been things in the past year that I never thought John would have to see, but it’s also been so wonderful that we have prevailed and still see each other with so much more love than we could have ever, ever imagined ever in our lives. Whatever love we put out into the world 10 years ago, we’re getting it back tenfold. I feel every piece of love from everybody around the world.”

Fans supported the couple back in that difficult time and they continue to wish Chrissy all the best with her upcoming baby now.