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Celebrities Who Used Surrogates

Pursuing surrogacy! Lance Bass and more celebrities have brought babies into the world with the help of gestational carriers.

The singer and Michael Turchin became parents to twins in October 2021 — but the couple spent three years trying to start their family.

The former ‘NSync member first told Us Weekly exclusively in March 2018 that he wanted a baby with his artist husband within the year, saying, “I don’t think anyone is really prepared to have kids. I think you just have to go with the flow. … We have tons of friends who have gone through the process. We’re interviewing everyone.”

In January of the following year, the Out of Sync author exclusively told Us that they were “on donor No. 7.”

The Mississippi native explained at the time: “I think we broke a record with how many donors we’ve gone through. But it’s looking like this next one is actually going to work. We’re being cautious.”

Bass told Us in March 2020 that the “heartbreaking” IVF attempt had not worked, explaining, “We have tons of friends that are doing IVF, and it was definitely consoling to know that they all went through the same thing we went through. It’s just disappointing. You work so hard for this, you get pregnant and weeks later, it doesn’t stick. But to know that some of your friends have gone through the same thing, you feel like you’re a part of this family. It just makes you feel a little more normal.”

The Dancing With the Stars alum felt that he and the Florida native had “reset” and were prepared to try again.

In June 2021, the pair announced via Instagram that they had a son and daughter on the way. “Coming soon,” the couple wrote at the time.

While awaiting their little ones, Bass exclusively told Us that their “10th donor was the one that worked.”

The ups and downs brought the actor and Turchin “closer together,” he added in August 2021. “I didn’t think that we could love each other more and have a bigger bond, but when you go through an experience of trying to start a family and it’s just not working, it could either tear you apart or bring you closer together. … It was quite the journey.”

From Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to Jimmy Fallon and his wife, Nancy Juvonen, scroll down for details on more famous families who have welcomed their little ones via surrogacy.