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Captain America’s Virginity Was Allegedly Questioned By She-Hulk. Chris Evans Responds To Her

After a pivotal revelation in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Captain America addressed the claims that his previous Marvel superhero identity was a virgin.

The first episode of the Disney+ series has Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) explaining why she thinks Steve Rogers (also known as Captain America) was never intimate. Bruce Banner, often known as the Hulk, proved Walters wrong and said Steve had at least one sexual partner.

Jennifer is informed by Bruce (Mark Ruffalo) that Steve Rogers is not a virgin. “In 1943, while on a USO tour, he shed his virginity to a female.”

Evans, 41, didn’t get the joke and, like the rest of us, learned about his character’s personal information via She-Hulk. However, his reaction finally proved that he wasn’t speaking anything about the subject.

Evans first tweeted three crying/laughing emoticons, then a zipper mouth. The 54-year-old Ruffalo then replied to the tweet with, “Sorry, dude. It was under great pressure.” Ruffalo discussed the narrative twist with Entertainment Weekly and described how it made him feel about learning that Captain America’s private life would be covered in the show.

Ruffalo exclaimed, “I laughed my a— off.” “I wonder whether Captain America has to be consulted about this. I didn’t. I was concerned that he might get it cut. It’s too late, buddy. The secret is now out.”

For quite some time, there has been much discussion about Steve’s sexual history. Jennifer’s personal fascination with the subject seems to be an ode to the cult, which has developed hypotheses about why he was probably never intimate.

The series’ creators “didn’t set out assuming that we were likely to be able to explain” how Captain America has lost his virginity, according to Jessica Gao, the chief writer of She-Hulk.

She told EW that the idea that Jen would be obsessed with this for the rest of her life and that it is the only thing that keeps her up at night used to just be a running joke.