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Buzzz-O-Meter: Anne Hathaway’s Favorite $1,000 Heels and More

Treat yourself! The first step of living like a celebrity is indulging in anything and everything luxurious — and luxury comes with many different price tags, even for A-list stars.

For those who want to amp up their beauty routine on a budget, Gryph & IvyRose’s $15 Armor Herbal Body Oil promises to leave your skin feeling smooth, silky and hydrated. Skincare gurus already know the magic of face rollers, so it’s no surprise that Japonesque’s Ice Roller ($14.99) is a celebrity favorite.

On the haute couture end of the spectrum, when it comes to fashionable footwear, Anne Hathaway loves Valentino’s Garavani Tan-Go 155 patent-leather platform pumps, which retail for a cool $1,150.

Sipping pretty, however, doesn’t have to come with a (big) price: Kelsea Ballerini knows how to drink with class — and just a small amount of cash. The country artist is a fan of Yes Way Rosé, which has notes of strawberry and stone fruit. Yum!

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