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Brooklyn Beckham Has Some Opinions About His Wife Nicola Peltz’s Hair Transformation And Fans Can’t Get Over The Cuteness

Brooklyn Beckham is a famous English model. He’s the son of the ever-loved David and Victoria Beckham and talent runs in their family. Brooklyn Beckham is known for his incredible good looks and his talent in modeling. He’s worked with numerous agencies and even his fans think he’s incredibly handsome. Many of his fans believe he’s changing the modeling industry with his good looks.

Recently. Brooklyn Beckham has given out some opinions he has on his wife Nicola Peltz‘s hairdo. Nicola has been known as nothing but a blonde however that isn’t her real color. Just before summer this time, she’s decided to go back to her brunette self and the change is quite drastic. She’s shared her new look with her fans with some cute snaps that she posted on her Instagram.

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Her most famous snap of the change includes her wearing a gray button-up shirt and small hoop earrings. Her lips in the picture are glossy. Her beautiful now brown hair is falling all over her shoulders as she looks at the camera. The post itself went viral and had a ton of likes and comments from fans. Many of her fans were pleasantly surprised by the change that she went through and she received a lot of love for the picture for her fresh look.

But most importantly of all, Brooklyn Beckham commented on the post. He called her sexy with five kisses after. Many of the celebrities around also had a lot to say about her new hair. Many celebrities stated that they loved the fact that she had made this change.

She also put up another post in the hairdo with her layers and some bangs. In this picture, Beckham could only say wow as she left even him speechless. Many of her fans spammed the comments with supportive words, calling her beautiful and cute with her new look.

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Brooklyn Beckham is obsessed with his wife and fans can’t blame him. She is a beautiful woman and knowing that she’s getting even more beautiful with every passing day makes fans even more glad that she’s doing things for herself.