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Brooklyn Beckham Can Be Seen In Nicola Peltz’s Video Posting Raving About Join Her Beautiful Family

One of the most awaited weddings of the year was held in Miami this springtime. Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham got married. It is entirely impossible to figure out what specifically went wrong at the wedding because the ceremony took place in a private setting with only one authorized photographer.

However, after the marriage, Victoria Beckham’s connection with her daughter-in-law started to deteriorate right away. Her son made the decision to adopt the double surname Peltz-Beckham.

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And the fashion designer stopped commenting on new social media posts featuring her son and his newlywed. According to rumors, Brooklyn Beckham’s family only embraced him, while the family of Nicola Peltz harbors animosity toward them.

And it appears that the young man made the decision to compensate his wife’s family. In favor of spending time with his wife’s family, he forwent the customary family trip with his parents.

So, the other day, Nicola shared a video of Brooklyn with her grandmother on her blog. He thanked her for giving him the chance to be a part of “their beautiful family” in the video when he read a birthday card to a woman.

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The rumored altercation reportedly began at their wedding when it was discovered that the ex-Spice Girls member and her husband, renowned soccer player David Beckham, were not placed at their table.

The Beckhams, according to a bystander, “were not at the forefront,” and the wedding “was all about the Peltz family.”

Despite the fact that they used to consistently express support for one another online, Nicola and Victoria have hardly liked one other’s photographs on social media since that time.

Fans discovered Brooklyn was absent from his family vacation last week, which fuelled speculations.

Fans are now speculating as to whether Nicola’s most recent post is a declaration of her husband’s allegiance to her and her family to the Beckhams.