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Brooklyn Beckham Believes That Having Access To His Red McLare Is Thanks To His Work As A Social Media Cook

Brooklyn Beckham is getting hammered for saying that his work as a social media “chef” allowed him to buy a high-end sports automobile.

The oldest child of wealthy David and Victoria Beckham was just seen on camera by a popular TikToker while he was driving through Beverly Hills in his red McLaren P1.

Daniel Mac, who constantly makes videos of himself making different meals at home, enthusiastically grills Brooklyn, who routinely posts videos of himself asking strangers drivers of expensive vehicles how they pay for them.

“Hey, dude! What are you paid to do? “Your car’s great!” said Mac, noting that the vehicle is extremely expensive at $1.2 million.

The 23-year-old replied with a smile, realizing he knew the influencer, “Um, I’m a chef.” The spouse of heiress Nicola Peltz merely replied, “My name is Brooklyn,” when the TikToker asked what his “chef name” was.

When asked what advice he would offer to those attempting to enter the culinary industry, he advised, “Just follow your heart. Just do what makes you happy, and don’t stop!

Mac’s tone was already ironic, but the flood of sarcastic comments posted beneath it only made it worse. How do you make a living? Regarding Brooklyn’s famed soccer player dad and pop star-turned-fashion designer mom, one commenter remarked, “My parents are rich, so I just kinda vibe.

How do you make a living? Another person also made a similar joke, adding, “I was born.” “Married the daughter of a billionaire and comes from a wealthy household. He’s a cook, though! “It wasn’t him acting like a chef that got him the automobile… Another joked, “Brooklyn, please,” while another noted that it’s probable he has “never performed a shift at a restaurant in his life.”

Many people quickly defended Brooklyn, saying things like, “He sincerely looks like a nice guy who isn’t actually hurting anyone, and yet people have to remark that he’s only where he is because of dad?”.