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Brittney Griner’s Nine-Year Prison Sentence Has Angered Celebrities Who Are Now Protesting

Stars like to mind their own business as much as the next guy. But when some kind of injustice happens, stars are the ones with the loudest voice because they understand that their voice can have the most impact.

WNBA Star Brittney Griner was recently sentenced to nine years in prison by a Russian judge. Her offense was bringing marijuana into the country and she was convicted on drug charges. She even tried to explain to the higher powers that she had a medical prescription in the United States and the marijuana had ended up in her bag by accident however she was still sentenced to nine years in prison.

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Brittney herself admitted that it was an honest mistake but it seems like the Russian judge had no sympathy for her. There was a certain outrage arising in both her fans and celebrities around her. The day that she had been convicted was the day that charges had been brought against the police officers who had been a part of the raid in Kentucky, Louisville in which Breonna Taylor had been murdered.

The same day that the world had heard the great news of justice being served in one part of the world, they had to hear the terrible news of Brittney Griner in another part. Many celebrities spoke up about the injustice that Brittney was facing.

Including these celebrities was Justin Bieber who claimed that if anyone knew anything he could do to help, he was willing to put in the effort. Many stars spoke about how unfair the situation was to Brittney.

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Viola Davis also joined saying that she had nothing to say about the matter because it had shocked her beyond compare. Even president Joe Biden put in a word, calling the sentencing unfair, and demanded the Russian state to release her as soon as possible. Joe Biden has made it his goal to bring American veteran Paul Whelan and the newly convicted Brittney both home from Russia.


Jada Pinkett Smith also chimed in that the situation broke her heart on her Instagram story and started a hashtag #FreeBrittney. The entire celebrity world has stood up for Brittney in her hard time and wishes that the Russian Federation would listen.