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Britney Spears Is Addressing Kevin Federline’s Allegations That Their Young Sons Have Been Ignoring The Famous Singer Now

Britney Spears ‘ life started to get better once she defeated her father in court. She married the guy of her dreams, is now enjoying life with him, and routinely delights her followers with joyful photos.

Yet, it turns out that things are not as perfect as they appear on social media. Sam Asghari and Britney Spears were married in June 2022.

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Numerous celebs were present at the party. However, the singer Kevin Federline ‘s sons, Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15, opted not to go. And there was a valid justification for it.

“The children made the decision to avoid seeing their mother for the time being. They haven’t spoken in a few months.

According to Kevin Federline, who was cited by the Daily Mail, “They individually took the option not to participate in the ceremony. The father claimed that it was difficult for sons to learn that their mother published too many graphic images since it might harm their image in class.

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Kevin makes an effort to convince his sons that Britney is simply trying to articulate herself in this manner regardless of what is occurring.

The musician’s ex-husband also said that Sean and Jayden really adore their mom. He believes that as time goes on, all the unpleasant experiences will be forgotten, and the kids will begin to spend some time with both parents.

Britney Spears responded to her ex-remark husband because she was deeply wounded by them. “Nobody can claim that raising teenage guys is an easy endeavor.

It was stated that the conflict was caused by my website’s images, although it actually began much earlier. I gave it my all, the singer penned. Kevin has not responded as of yet.


Additionally, Asghari defended his wife online. The actor and model claimed on his Instagram Story that “his comment on the kids distancing themselves is not true, and it is inappropriate to make that comment openly.”