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Britney Spears Dances Without A Soundtrack While Baring Her Breasts In A Low-Cut Yellow Dress

In a surprise appearance on social media the other day, Kevin Federline claimed that their boys Sean and Jayden, who have a lot in common with Britney Spears , do not at all desire to see their own mom.

It is well recognized that they did not attend the singer’s wedding to her partner Sam Asghari. Kevin emphasized that the social media posts made by the artist shame her children.

Kevin believes that this mother’s actions could significantly harm Sean and Jayden’s image at school. Federline noted that the sons continue to really love Spears, nonetheless.

The artist has previously responded to the ex-publishing. Husband’s “No one should attempt to raise teenage guys alone.

Although it was claimed that my site images were the cause of the argument, the conflict actually began much earlier. I offered them all, the actress stated, but the ex-husband did not respond.

It’s fascinating to note that Britney nonetheless published a new clip in the video despite Kevin’s outspoken remark.

In a mustard flowery midi dress, Britney performed. However, the deep cleavage of the dress, which seemed to imply underwear, caught the fans’ eye the most.

Fans of Britney Spears debate her video, saying things like, “Not the best approach of behavior, if there is even a trace of truth in Kevin’s statements,” “It seems to me that I know Sean and Jayden,” and “Children of many stars have a terrible time due of the social media of their parents.”

Sam Asghari, Britney’s husband, had earlier on Saturday reacted angrily to Kevin’s assertions regarding his sons’ bond with their mom.

In an effort to convey his thoughts on the remarks made by his wife’s ex-husband, the 28-year-old actor sent a based-on thorough to his Instagram Post. This past June, Sam, and the hitmaker were united in marriage.