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Ben Stern, The Adored Father Of Howard Stern, Passed Away Recently At The Age Of 99

The 68-year-old SiriusXM radio personality shared the tragic news with a local Hamptons publication called Dan’s Papers, but he withheld further information regarding the passing of his father.

Before saying he’s working on a special project in memory of his late father, Stern added, “I recently lost my father lately; he was 99 years old.

The endeavor, according to Stern, will undoubtedly spark his creative energy. One of the presenter’s secret skills is painting, despite the fact that he is most recognized for his interviews with some of the world’s most well-known figures.

He even revealed intentions to paint barns with a connection to his father, demonstrating how well he is using his talent. Regarding his forthcoming project, he stated, “Corwith Barns is up next.” I’ve painted the barns in a number of smaller works, but this one is bigger.

The barns are no longer there, but I took numerous photos of them, and I’m currently working on a large painting that will ideally depict every broken board on that deteriorating structure.

The age of those barns is unknown, but Stern continued, “I feel like painting the barns is commemorating him and all those getting older and ultimately gone.” Ray Stern, one of Stern’s parents, was frequently mentioned in his speeches.

He sincerely acknowledged that his mother was one of his favorite guests in his 2019 book, “Howard Stern Comes Again.”

In a previous post, Johnny Depp was criticized by Howard Stern for “overacting” in his ongoing defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard and for being a “big narcissist.”

As he discussed Depp’s well-reported court dispute with Heard, the shock jock remarked, “The point he wanted that on — he wanted it aired [because] that’s what egomaniacs do.”

Stern, 68, added, “They believe they can negotiate their way out of anything.” “I believe Johnny Depp to be a major snob, and by that, I mean he thought, ‘I’ll put this on TV, and because I’m so convincing and because I’m so smart, I’m such a lovely guy.'”