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Ben Affleck May Show Up As Batman In Aquaman 2 Alongside Jason Momoa

Aquaman has been the most succesful DCEU movie so far. After the film grossed $1.148 billion in 2018, it was immediately given the greenlight for a sequel and now the fans cannot wait to see Arthur Curry played by Jason Momoa on the big screen again. The film was so successful that Jason Momoa actually renegotiated his contract for the second installment so that he would be paid double what he was paid for the first one.

At the moment not much is known about the plot of the second film but a detail has come forward from Jason Momoa’s Instagram that has shocked everyone. It appears that Ben Affleck‘s Batman from Dawn of Justice and Justice League will be making an appearance in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom.

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The Instagram post made by Jason shows him and Ben Affleck seemingly reunited at Warner Bros. studio lot. The caption under the post reads “REUNITED bruce and arthur.”

The post also features a video of Jason running into some people touring the lots of Warner Brothers who find out about Jason and Afleck being together. Jason is forced to say, “Well, we tried to keep it a secret.”

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These posts all but confirm the presence of Ben Affleck’s Batman in the upcoming Aquaman sequel. There has been no official statement from Warner Brother’s on the matter but it will probably arrive soon. No point in trying to keep a secret when the lead actor of the movie himself let it all out in the open.

Affleck’s Batman is confirmed to be appearing in the upcoming Flash solo movie but it was thought to be his final and only appearance left in the DCEU. Now it seems Affleck’s Batman still has some part left to play.

With the DCEU going through extensive changes it is hard to say which actors will stick around and which will leave. There is also speculation that Henry Cavill’s Superman, previously thought to have been retired, will be returning to the DCEU, hence, at the moment sky is the limit for speculation.

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom is set to release in 2023 but no official date has been confirmed just yet.