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Bella Hadid Played On The Beach With A Friend Devon Carlson While Displaying Her Toned Abs In A Pretty Scanty Swimsuit

Bella Hadid , 25, takes full advantage of the summer’s warm weather. The celebrity frequently spends her free time with her friends and family. The model and her friend Devon Carlson, therefore, got together the day before to unwind on the beach.

Bella posted enticing images on social media. They took pictures while wearing a hot blue bikini with strings. Hadid displayed a flawless physique with a toned midsection that she highlighted with a gold chain. But not everyone was a fan of the blunt swimsuit model. Her beach image was blasted online.

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“The bikini looks very immodest” and “quite vulgar.” Internet users summed up the comments as “worst bikini bottom,” “She has a fantastic body, but this bikini is plain nasty,” etc.

Bella Hadid’s fashion sense is frequently debated. The celebrity occasionally makes stylish mistakes in addition to having effective photos. According to the media, she lost this time while wearing a bikini.

The sultry images were Victoria’s Secret model and brunette bombshell behind-the-scenes selfies. With strappy black and metallic shoes and some large silver bangles, Bella lengthened her lean legs.

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Her cell phone had a leopard-print case, matching the bold bedding.

She used a phrase from the late boxer Muhammad Ali in her caption: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

In a previous post, the singer was unceremoniously photographed by photographers while out for a stroll. The star wore a crop top to highlight her toned abs, but low-waisted Bermuda shorts and tall leather boots made her long legs appear shorter.


Even though Bella’s routine bows frequently make people smile, this model’s clothing had the opposite effect. The celebrity, according to online users, is the epitome of how not to dress in the hottest shorts this season. However, Hadid’s recent fashion gaffe is by no means her first.