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Behaviour Interactive, The Company Behind Dead By Daylight, Has Unveiled Meet Your Maker, A New Gameplay That Once More Emphasizes Inventive Player Fatalities

Dead by Daylight, a popular horror game, was launched by Behaviour Interactive in 2016. Although it was not the first asymmetric online horror game, it did contribute to the genre’s acceptance of the model.

Since Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight was launched, additional games have adapted similar gameplay models, including Friday the 13th: The Game, Predator: Hunting Grounds, and the multiplayer component of the Resident Evil 3 remake.

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The creator of Dead by Daylight has continued to support the game since it was first released by adding additional killers and player characters. Crossovers between the Dead by Daylight video game and other horror series, including Saw and other slasher movies, are frequent.

However, it appears that the company now wants to add to its portfolio.

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Behaviour Interactive debuted its 30th Anniversary Showcase earlier this morning, as promised late last month. It unveiled its forthcoming initiative, known as Meet Your Maker, during this expo.

Players assume the position of a creature called the Custodian who works for a living experiment known as the Chimera in the game, which is supposed to be set on a dying Earth.

The player must gather the pure genetic code that is present in the locations referred to as the Outposts in order for this experiment to advance.

Other players’ creations serve as the genetic material’s guardianship outposts. The creators of the outposts must come up with strategies for using blocks, mines, and soldiers to eliminate the enemy players. Over the course of Behaviour Beyond’s webcast, the game was formally unveiled.

The studio also made it known during the webcast that more Resident Evil characters would be appearing in Dead by Daylight under the Project W moniker.

This revelation came after a string of leaks that appeared to identify the characters in the new material. Ada Wong, Rebecca Chambers, and Albert Wesker would all be appearing in the future crossover, although the release date for the new material was not made apparent in the teaser.