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August 11 Will See The Global Release Of Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy will go live around the globe on August 11; the App Store made this information public a month ago. The Hotta Studio team has just formally affirmed this date, though.

Before its scheduled release, the Tower of Fantasy client is available for pre-download.

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Evidently, the game anticipates a huge influx of enthusiastic players. The number of pre-registrations has now surpassed the 3 million level. Additionally, all pre-registered players will receive the in-game bonuses that were previously mentioned.

In late 2021, Tower of Fantasy had its debut in China. Its post-apocalyptic sci-fi tale has now been localized for release in every country, replete with fresh voice casting.

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On the planet, Aida, where many human clans are at war over the valuable but hazardous mineral known as Omnium, is where the open-world role-playing game is set.

While there are some apparent similarities between Tower of Fantasy and Hoyoverse’s Genshin Impact in terms of visuals, character designs, and exploring mechanisms, there are also some significant variations.

The gacha system in Tower of Fantasy is mostly focused on collecting weapons rather than characters; although the characters tied to the weapons have backstories, in reality, they are only AI versions of famous fighters that serve as optional skins for your main character.

Your character’s fighting skills are determined by your configurable loadout of three weapons, which is a little quicker than Genshin’s party-based, elemental fighting system.

Tower of Fantasy has also been marketed as a “shared world” RPG with MMO components, such as crews with up to 180 players and world boss battles with several players.

Genshin Impact is also thought to face competition from Tower of Fantasy. It is, therefore, fair to presume that the player base of the game will explode as soon as it is released to a worldwide reach.