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At The SAG Awards, Brad Pitt Was Attempted To Be Subpoenaed By Angelina Jolie’s Attorneys

In an effort to catch Brad Pitt off guard, Angelina Jolie‘s attorneys sent bailiffs to one of their most glamorous occasions because they were so anxious to obtain a subpoena against him.

The actress’s agents sent a representative to the SAG AWARDS with documentation, and they’ll undoubtedly attempt again at the Oscars. Before the largest movie night in Hollywood, Pitt’s attorneys decided to call off the pursuit.

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The problem is that a court answer requires that documents be formally delivered to the legal system. Pitt was not nominated this year, but Jolie’s representatives were hoped that Brad, who won the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in 2020, would attend the presentation.

Right now, it appears to be somewhat in vogue. We recall that during her custody dispute with Jason Sudeikis in April, Olivia Wilde was presented with papers live on stage at CinemaCon.

Additionally, Jolie’s attorneys attempted to serve Pitt with a subpoena demanding that he produce records pertaining to the Chateau Miraval WINERY.

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Following Jolie’s 47-year-old sale of her stake to a division of major distillery Stoli, the former couple, who split in September 2016, are still at odds about who should own the company.

In their current argument over whether the ex-spouse can demand documents from him, Brad believes that Jolie did not have the right to sell her shares without first giving him the option to decline.

They are arguing about whether Jolie has the right to seek the documents she has requested after Pitt, 58, asserted that she was not permitted to sell her shares without first giving him the option to purchase them.

A judge ordered Pitt and his business partners to turn up the documents, as Page Six first revealed on Friday. Pitt’s legal team has the option to appeal the decision.

After a decade together, the former couple—who had six kids—married there in August 2014.