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At Jennifer Lopez’s Birthday Celebration, Ben Affleck Broke Down In Tears

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck honeymooned in France after staging a covert wedding. The newlyweds are currently taking a break in Paris, one of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

Another joyous occasion that took place concurrently with their vacation was Jennifer Lopez’s birthday. His wife chose to dine at a neighborhood eatery in La Girafe, which is immediate across from the Eiffel Tower.

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On this particular occasion, the singer donned a long, black dress with a plunging neckline and a cutaway at the waist. She finished her ensemble with a Chanel pearl necklace. The couple hugged and held hands; the lovers openly expressed their love and did not conceal their tender feelings.

It is unclear what Ben presented to his wife. At dinner, though, he got so overcome with emotion that he was unable to control his tears. But, according to sources, the actor reportedly found comfort in his wife’s arms after she rushed to reassure him.

The couple is still in store for a lot more heartwarming moments. And one of them is a sizable wedding celebration that is allegedly going to happen soon.

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The pair will spend the vacation with close and numerous friends at the Affleck mansion in Georgia, which promises to be gorgeous and grand.

In a previous post, After rekindling their romance 17 years after their breakup, fans eagerly anticipated Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding.

Fans of the pair naturally expected a large celebration because, after all, a previous attempt at a wedding between lovers had failed, so this time it had to be significant.

On the other hand, Ben and Jennifer had other ideas; they simply quietly wed in Las Vegas while avoiding too much publicity. Jennifer is now Mrs. Affleck, as they are now legally married.