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At EGX 2022, Sonic Frontiers Will Be Available For The First Time

Sonic Frontiers will be present and playable by the public at EGX this year! Unfortunately, the controversial entry into the legendary SEGA IP split the gaming community into two camps of lovers and haters following its initial gameplay reveal.

This year’s EGX will feature Sonic Frontiers, which the general public can play! Following its initial gameplay preview, the divisive entry into the storied SEGA IP divides the gaming community into two camps fans and haters. So what better way to decide on the title than to travel to London and give it a whirl?

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In contrast to previous Sonic games, which required players to advance through a sequence of stages, Sonic Frontiers has an open universe that players can freely dash through. Sonic games in 3D have allowed players to explore a variety of expansive locales but now extend that experience to a greater degree.

Sonic Frontiers has been Sega’s flagship game for 2022, and gameplay trailers and developer interviews have given us a fair idea of what Sonic fans may expect.

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After being transferred to an unfamiliar new world, Sonic must investigate wide-open spaces, historic sites, and unusual structures to locate the Chaos Emeralds.

Of course, frontiers have all the conventions of a classic Sonic game, such as bumpers, springs, and rails. Still, it also introduces new difficulties like open-world puzzles and enormous boss foes that guard the mysteries of this mysterious realm.

Sonic Frontiers only includes a small number of Sonic’s companions because this world is essentially lifeless. Although Knuckles is depicted in the animation preview and Tails, Amy, Big, and Dr. Eggman are mentioned, Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka acknowledged that writing in characters other than Sonic was challenging.

However, if you listen carefully to Sonic’s comments, you might hear certain well-known characters from the Sonic canon.

The first Sonic game to be inspired by an open zone is Sonic Frontiers. Experience the exhilaration of exploiting Sonic’s speed like never before as you race over vast landscapes and reach new heights.