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At An Italian Charity Event, Jennifer Lopez Lived Out Her Desire To Be A Disco Diva

Jennifer Lopez ‘s dream of becoming a genuine disco diva has come true! The musician made an appearance at the UNICEF-related LuisaViaRoma charity event on Saturday in Italy.

She kicked off the concert with her cult favorites Waiting for Tonight and If You Had My Love. The celebrity wore a zebra print bodysuit and an airy cloak with ostrich feathers for the event.

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She naturally thanked all of her followers for coming and talked about her recollections of this special genre.

“Disco is here for you today. What does this remind me of, do you know? It brings back memories of my childhood in the Bronx. My mother used to watch those prestigious galas and award shows.

Do you recall when celebrities appeared on TV? Additionally, there was always a phenomenal singer performing there. Do you recall Donna Summer? Yes? Khan Chaku? The wonderful Miss Diana Ross, too.

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They emerged with long hair and lovely outfits. I want to strut around the home in glistening clothes. I merely desire to exist in a glittery environment. I’ve always wished I could dance at the disco.

And when I played Selena’s lead role many years ago, I had the opportunity to briefly inhabit that world. But on my own, I’ve never been able to accomplish it. Do you mind if I come here tonight and act out my disco diva fantasies with you guys?

Gloria Gaynor, Gloria Estefan, and Chaka Khan’s songs quickly followed on this memorable occasion for Jennifer, who recently tied the KNOT with Ben Affleck.

Jennifer thanked her devoted fans before concluding her amazing performance on stage. “I give my heart to you. I offer you my entire being. I cherish you. Thank you,” she said in conclusion.


The celebrity also flaunted a fashion makeover when her animal-print ensemble vanished mid-performance, leaving her in sparkling, rhinestone-studded swimwear.