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At An Early-Morning Bagel Brunch In The Hamptons, Bradley Cooper And Huma Abedin Were Observed

Insiders claimed that they saw a stunning couple on Sunday at 6 am at Goldberg’s place in the Hamptons, where everyone congregates for delectable bagels, signaling the growth of Bradley Cooper and Huma Abedin’s romance.

She sort of buried her nose in him, and they shared a few kisses. She seemed to be deeply in love, the person claimed.

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At the same time, Cooper and Abedin’s attorneys and Hillary Clinton’s top aides both contend that they weren’t there.

For example, a representative for Abedin informed the media, “Huma was in upstate New York the entire weekend and overseas shortly before, so this can’t be real. A 47-year-old gorgeous man’s representative meanwhile stated: “They are excellent friends, but that’s not true. In NY, Bradley was.

Journalists reported earlier this month that the prominent pair were dating and that Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue and a close friend of both of them, had arranged their meeting.

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According to the source at the time, “They are ideal for one another.” “Power, politics, and humanitarian issues are all things they are both interested in.”

They arrived at the Met Gala together in May, according to the source, but before walking the red carpet together, they shrewdly split apart. In pictures of Huma posing while wearing a yellow dress, Cooper could be seen in the background.

Cooper has employed impersonators in the past, despite the fact that our source is positive they spotted them. Page Six reported in 2016 that a Cooper impersonator was using a “The Hangover” screensaver on his phone as identification when he crashed parties at the Sundance Film Festival.


The lookalike was known as Cradley Cooper on the internet. Perhaps he traveled all the way to the East with a lookalike for Abedin as well?