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Assassin’s Creed Community’s 2022 Fundraising Campaign Will Provide Donations To The British Heart Foundation And The American Heart Association

The Assassin’s Creed community has frequently banded together to do amazing things, even though members may not always agree. It might have something to do with how the community has supported causes that are appropriate for Assassin’s Creed, such as how the community has celebrated each game week after week as part of Ubisoft‘s AC15 event.

Last year, the Assassins in Need fundraiser, which brought together several Assassin’s Creed players, communities, and related businesses, raised money for mental health awareness. In addition, proceeds from the last Assassins in Need fundraiser, organized by the Assassin’s Creed community page The Ones Who Came Before, were donated to the World Federation for Mental Health.

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The fundraiser for this year is called Assassins in Need: Heart of the Creed, and it will last until September 10, 2022. The American Heart Association and the British Heart Foundation, which support facilities worldwide with cardiovascular medical research, teaching, and other services, are the beneficiaries of this year’s fundraising efforts. In addition, the Ones Who Came Before is collaborating with numerous businesses and groups on this fundraiser to make it the largest one yet, with a goal of £1500.

This particular cause was chosen in memory of Assassin’s Creed screenwriter Russell Lees and in honor of the community’s many members who have lost family members and friends to heart-related illnesses. After working with Ubisoft for 12 years, Lees passed away in January 2022 following a heart attack. During this trying time, “our thoughts go out to his family and friends,” according to the GoFundMe.

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Even though it’s not the main focus, it should be highlighted that several special milestone projects will be announced when the fundraising campaign gets closer to its objective. For example, Roger Craig Smith, who plays Ezio, acknowledged supporters at one point during the Assassins in Need campaign last year.