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Ashton Kutcher Has A Perfect Reason For Refusing To Bring Back The Show ‘Punk’d’

Ashton Kutcher has been loved from the 90s till even now. He’s one of the most talented actors in the world and has been extremely good at making sure fans are roped into whatever he performs. He’s best known for his acting in the show “That 70’s Show” with Mila Kunis. He married Mila Kunis and the two have a happy relationship together.

Ashton Kutcher is also known for his role on the hit tv show ‘Punk’d’. The show was very much loved by fans and they’ve been wondering if it would ever start up again. Well, Ashton Kutcher has a good reason not for starting the show again.

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On the red carpet premiere of ‘Vengeance’, Rachel Lindsay who is an extra on the movie interviewed Ashton Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis. This was right after Mila and Ashton had helped Rachel find love on the popular show ‘The Bachelorette’.

Rachel had joked that she hadn’t seen much of Ashton who jokingly replied that he had helped her find love and gotten nothing in return. To this, Rachel appreciated them for helping her and stated that they gave her great advice which she had all listened to.

Ashton Kutcher is now starring in ‘Vengeance’ with his long-time friend BJ Novak from his ‘Punk’d’ days. Ashton states that he finally had friends again. He says that there was a long time in which no one wanted to hang out with him and stayed away from him so he was finally enjoying having some friends again.

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In the film, Ashton and BJ play friends as well. Ashton in the film is a small town producer who befriends BJ’s character Ben who then travels to Texas to investigate the murder of a woman he hooked up with.

About the show, Ashton Kutcher said that it had been fun to try something new. Rachel had then joked with him saying that she was judging his accent. He retorted however that he had laid off the accent himself as his character had gone to Yale and supposedly lost most of his accent while being there.

He also spoke about his non-profit ‘Thorn’ which focuses on raising awareness for children that are being sexually abused. He is meant to run in the New York marathon soon.