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Ashton Kutcher Discusses How Vasculitis Rendered Him Unable To See, Hear, Or Move Around

In order to walk, hear, or see, Ashton Kutcher was identified with an autoimmune illness, which he is now talking openly about. A future episode of National Geographic’s Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge featured the actor’s prognosis.

In video footage released by Access Hollywood, Kutcher claimed, “Like two years ago, I got this crazy, incredibly rare form of vasculitis, it like wiped out my sight, it wiped out my hearing, it took out like all my stability.”

It took me about a year to get it all back up; the That ’70s Show veteran continued. When you realize that you could never be able to see again, you don’t really appreciate something until it’s gone.

I’m uncertain as to whether I’ll ever be able to hear or walk normally again. I am fortunate to be alive. Kutcher used Twitter to explain the issue and provide an update on his condition after the video went viral.

There are a lot of rumors, talk, and other things out there before. Yes, I experienced an unusual case of vasculitis three years ago. After that (autoimmune flare-up), I experienced some hearing, vision, and balance problems.

I was entirely restored. All is well. Going forward, Thorn and I will see you at the 2022 NY Marathon, he wrote. Vasculitis is the term used to describe blood vessel disease. The Mayo Clinic states that “the infection might cause the blood vessel walls to stiffen,

The actor has since made a full recovery from his frightening scare and is now determined to succeed despite any obstacles.

“Life starts to grow more enjoyable once you begin to view challenges in your way as opportunities that were created only for you and provide you with what you need, am I right? Kutcher, who has two daughters with his wife, Mila Kunis, said that when you start rising above your difficulties, rather than simply living with them.