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As The Virtual Reality Remake Of The Vintage Game Half-Live 2 Announces When It Will Enter Public Beta, A Half-Live 2 VR Mod Displays Brand-New Gameplay Clips

The eagerly awaited Half-Life 2: VR mod will launch its public beta in September, following five years of work and its own “development hell” phase. It’s a VR adaptation of Half-Life 2 in the style of Half-Life: Alyx made by a team known as the Source VR Mod Team that enables you to fight masked thugs from an alien police state as if you were there. Motion sickness sufferers, good luck with those excessively long car segments.

Closed playtests are being studied by the mod at the moment. A virtual reality simulator can be used to play the headset, which is compatible with it. Index, Quest, Vive, and Pimax digital helmets have all been used to evaluate the device.

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Everyone who owns a copy of Half-Life 2 and a SteamVR-compatible headset can enjoy the mod for no cost. It has reportedly been demonstrated on the Pimax, HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, and Valve Index VR headsets, but it should work on any device that can run SteamVR.

However, you might have to utilize a standalone installer if you’re eager to play it right away because they’re still waiting for Valve’s approval to distribute it on Steam.

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The primary restriction is that you won’t be able to play this game on a solo headset; instead, you’ll need to be connected to a computer. In addition, though theoretically capable of running the mod, the Oculus Quest 2 lacks an Android version of the Reference engine, which makes it unlawful to do so.

Even though this is simply a public beta and no such project is “ever fully finished,” the developers do have intentions to make someday Half-Life 2 Episodes 1 and 2 available in VR. They intend to “gradually move our concentration to the episodes” and get them to a pair of goggles near you after HL2: VR is publicly released, and the first bug reports have been addressed.