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Another Early-Morning Walk By Rihanna And A$AP Rocky In New York

Let Rihanna and A$AP Rocky inform you if it hasn’t yet dawned on you that big pants are now “in” for everybody. This week, the young mother was spotted enjoying a park in New York City.

Rihanna donned the sexiest, most sensual, and most exposing dresses while carrying her first child. In addition to being open about how her body altered as she assumed an intriguing pose, the star made every effort to highlight these changes.

The singer does not continue to surprise followers with attractive clothes after delivering the baby, despite the fans’ expectations.

Lately, Riri has seemed more and more gigantic. Of course, she loved loose-fitting clothing prior to being pregnant. However, since the singer had her first child, she seemed to have totally forgotten about wearing fiery attire.

Additionally, the paparazzi’s appearance the other day provided further proof of this.

Photographers saw Rihanna and her partner A$AP Rocky strolling through the New York City streets. The famous person opted for wide blue jeans, which gave the appearance that her legs were thicker and “pinched” a few centimeters in height. She sounded right them with a blouse with blue stripes.

Loose blue jeans were also seen on A$AP Rocky. He selected black body armor and a white long sleeve with a flowery motif to go with them. Sunglasses and several chains of all sizes completed his appearance.

This summer, celebs have shown a distinct preference for baggy pants for their more laid-back street style looks.

Nicole Kidman, Bella Hadid, and Jennifer Lawrence have all been sighted wearing them, but Diane Keaton was perhaps one of the first to claim the trend as her own. The fashion duo of Rihanna and Rocky only serves to solidify the trend’s longevity.