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Anne Heche Recently Had A Car Crash And Has Not Woken Up From Her Coma After Severe Damage To Her Body

The worst things can sometimes happen to the best people. And Anne Heche is no exception to the laws of the universe. In a recent turn of events, she is in a coma after a horrific car crash that occurred while she was driving.

Anne had been speeding on an L.A street before crashing into a house nearby. The crash had occurred in the Mar Vista area of L.A. The exact reason for the crash has not yet been identified however authorities are working on solving the case.

There was also a massive fire that erupted in the house due to her crash. The fire had been so massive that it had taken the authorities an hour to put it out. Crews had taken Anne to the hospital because of her critical injuries.

The crash had been so intense that the Mini Cooper that she had been driving was found inside the house around 30 feet. The house itself had been destroyed however the people living there were not hurt. Their house had been completely shattered and they could not live there.

A next-door neighbor mentioned that they had noticed the speeding car but not given it much thought however they had heard a crash just soon after. They mentioned that they had gone to help and since the windows had been shattered and jarred, they had opened the back seat. After asking Anne if she was okay and getting confirmation that she was not, the neighbor stayed with her.

Due to the accident, Anne suffered severe damage to her lungs and many burns. The rescue team had not been able to save her until the fire was put out which took a considerably long time. The neighbor also said that they had helped the inhabitants of the house leave safely after the crash.

The accident has left Anne in a coma. This has been shocking news for the fans and supporters of Anne Heche. The family of Anne Heche has asked for prayers for her life however in recent news, it has been said that Anne is finally stable in her condition.