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Anime Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game Tower Of Fantasy Features Extensive Customizability

The next fantasy is being eligible to join them in a totally vast environment full of abundant things to do as live matches become the ever-popular option for millions of players playing simultaneously.

Tower of Fantasy, which takes the open world RPG’s live-service architecture and adds unmatched customizability as well as a vast universe alive with other distinctive wanderers, might be the game to do just that.

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The concept was originally created by a group of like-minded MMO and anime lovers who were passionate about science fiction and an open world they could all play in together. It was later developed by China-based Hotta Studio.

Tower of Fantasy, which took three years to build, will release worldwide on August 11 all over PC and mobile platforms with cross-platform and cross-progression assistance with pre-loading starting on August 9 for EU players. Tower of Fantasy was first released in China in December 2021.

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It takes place in a dystopian sci-fi future on the planet Aida where proto towers have been constructed to harvest Omnium, a resource that is valuable but also turns animals into monsters.

This is a major point of contention because two factions have emerged: one that supports the harvesting and the other that rejects it.

However, before players immerse themselves in the lore or the world itself, which at release consists of six areas with various types of terrain, they should first understand the story. The characters are of greatest priority in any animated show game.

You can choose your character based on gender right at the start of the game, but it goes farther than that. In fact, players will have complete control over how their avatar looks, including a wide choice of hairstyles, facial contouring, adjusting the size, shape, and color of their eyes, as well as changing certain items of clothing.

In essence, you can make your own anime personality, or you might model it after one of your personal favorites.