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Anime Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game Tower Of Fantasy Features Extensive Customizability

Tower of Fantasy, which takes the action-adventure RPG’s live-service architecture and adds unmatched customizability as well as a vast universe alive with other distinctive nomads, might be the game to do just that.

The concept was originally created by a group of like-minded MMO and anime lovers who were passionate about science fiction and an overworld map they could all play with each other. It went on to develop by China-based Hotta Studio.

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Tower of Fantasy, which took three years to build, debuted in China in December 2021. It will, however, be released internationally on August 11 for PC and mobile devices with cross-platform and cross-progression compatibility, with pre-loading starting on August 9 for gamers in the EU.

But before players draw themselves into the lore, or the world itself, which at launch includes six regions with different kinds of terrain, for any anime-inspired game, it’s the characters that take paramount importance.

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From the game’s opening, you’ll be able to select your protagonist based on their gender, but it doesn’t stop there.

Players will, in fact, have full customization over their character’s appearance, from a range of hairstyles to shaping their face, tweaking the size, shape, and color of their eyes, as well as individual pieces of clothing, with plenty of options available at the start.

Of course, you may customize more than just the appearance of this role-playing action game. Tower of Fantasy is an MMO, yet you have far more freedom than in most games with rigid categories.

Your avatar will be able to carry a wide range of weapons, from ranged weaponry like bows and guns to weapon load-outs like blades and sickles, and since each has advantages and disadvantages for various situations, you can simply adjust as you can carry three weapons at once.