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Angelina Jolie Defeated Her Ex-Husband Brad Pitt In Court

Despite their intensely emotional conflict over the Chateau Miraval winery, where they were wed and content in 2014.

When the pair relocated into a Provence-style castle tucked away in vines in 2008, they took over the renowned rosé wine company.

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However, Jolie sold her stock to the large alcohol company Stoli after a public divorce, which resulted in legal disputes in the United States, France, and Luxembourg between the ex-spouses, their businesses, and business associates.

Jolie’s counsel fought valiantly for the court to deny Brad Pitt ‘s request for contact and papers.

However, a court in Los Angeles ruled on Friday that Pitt and his collaborators must hand all pertinent documents over to the opposing counsel before they can even consider appealing the ruling.

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The actress was even more determined since, in her eyes, the ex-husband lets his rage get in the way of good judgment.

“Any sensible person would be pleased to have Stoli as a business partner. They have excellent distribution and marketing. His loathing of Jolie simply prevents him from seeing beyond it, the attorneys claimed, adding that the company presents enormous commercial prospects.

However, a source close to Pitt claimed that in addition to the Stoli agreement not being beneficial to both parties, Pitt also turned down an offer to sell his stock in the business while he and Jolie were still legally wed.

“He claimed that his long-term objective for the project, which is to try to reinvest revenues into the company, conflicts with the idea of selling a portion of the corporation.

Additionally, they assert that parents maintaining full ownership of this rising in value and developing asset is the greatest approach to protecting value for their children.


Remember that the couple, who shared six children, divorced in 2016? Since 2005, they have been living together.