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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Plane Incident of 6 Years Ago Exposed In Detail By The FBI

Some celebrities seem to have the dream life and dream relationships. However, a lot of the relationships seen as perfect on screen can fall apart in real life. Angelina and Brad Pitt had a wonderful marriage until a terrible plane incident led to their divorce.

It has been revealed that under the name of Jane Doe, Angelina Jolie has filed court papers to get the FBI report of that incident revealed.

According to the report, Angelina had originally claimed that there had been a physical altercation between Brad Pitt and her adoptive son Maddox on a private jet in 2016. The revealed FBI documents show that Jolie had accused Pitt of hurting her, spilling beer on her, and harassing her children. According to her, he had told one of her children looked like a Columbine Kid which was a supposed reference to the Colorado school shooting in 1999.

Because of the recent revival of the case from 6 years ago, sources close to Brad Pitt are claiming that she has only brought up the incident again to inflict hurt on Brad Pitt. The source has claimed that an investigation was carried out before and nothing had been found. Because of the decision of Angelina to bring up the past, the source claims that she’s hurting the family and the children with her decision.

Child services found no reason to charge Brad Pitt for the incident. The two had a legal court battle recently over the custody of their youngest children.

Angelina Jolie has also spoken about how she feels to be a mother in a recent interview.

She mentioned that she became a mother at the young age of 20. She shared an incident of something that had happened to her adopted son Maddox at a young age and told the world that she had been terrified but had stayed strong for her child.

Brad Pitt seems to have adopted a nonchalant attitude and mainly stays quiet for the sake of his children. He seems to have been in a good mindset for a while now and has a motto that he lives by saying “It’s gonna be alright, don’t sweat it. It’s gonna be alright, just let it go.”