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Amber Heard’s Naked And Exotic Dancer Past Must Be Shown In Court, Said Johnny Depp’s Attorneys

Without exaggeration, the entire world followed the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard because, in terms of the intensity of emotions, it was on par with a fine Hollywood movie.

However, even after it was over, there were still plenty of amusing elements that would make a complete sequel necessary.

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Therefore, according to court documents that surfaced in the media, Depp’s attorneys sought to present proof that Heard had experience as a dancer before meeting the actor.

According to the Daily Beast and the New York Post, Depp’s team was prepared to provide the court with nude images of Hurd and proof that she performed exotic dance (perhaps pole dancing), according to reports.

Heard’s attorneys claimed in March that it was improper to bring up “irrelevant personal topics” during the trial, which was streamed live and broadcasted. It may have been solely about this.

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Heard was more than happy to discuss the specifics of her private life with her ex-husband. Therefore, the actress stated in the paperwork that her ex-husband had erectile problems, which she claimed was the root of his belligerent behavior and hostility.

The couple seems to have a lot more information to share with us, and they will likely need a lot of time to resolve their issues in front of everyone.

In a previous post, Heard claimed she doesn’t hold the jury responsible for siding with her “beloved” Pirates of the Caribbean actor ex-husband in a sit-down interview with Savannah Guthrie for NBC News.

She asked, “How could they make a decision? How could they not draw that inference.” “They had listened for more than three weeks as paid personnel and, near the conclusion of the trial, randos — as I say — gave constant, unrelenting testimony.


How could they not believe a word I said after hearing three and a half weeks’ worth of testimony on how untrustworthy I was?”