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Amber Heard Attempted To File A Fresh Complaint Against Johnny Depp

If Amber Heard agreed with the court’s ruling, Johnny Depp would have been willing to forgive her eight million dollar debt to her ex-husband as libel compensation. Instead, however, the Aquaman actor chose to continue the scandalous proceedings.

This was made public on July 21 when Hurd’s attorneys submitted an appeal. However, the actor’s attorneys had already submitted paperwork requesting an investigation into the matter, according to The Daily Mail, so Depp was forced to respond to the ex-lover with a counterclaim. His spokesman stated, “We continue to believe that we are correct and that this judgment will stand.

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The Pirates of the Caribbean actor currently has no plans to provide his ex-wife a two million dollar settlement, claims the tabloid. Remember that even though the jury found in favor of Johnny, the actor was convicted on one of the counts.

Amber initially attempted to file a fresh lawsuit against him, but the judge dismissed the actress’s argument. Hurd’s attorneys also asserted that a figurehead was present on the jury, but it appears that their assertions were unfounded.

In a previous post, Amber Heard instantly stated that she disagreed with the judge’s ruling and did not think the judgment was fair after losing in court to Johnny Depp’s ex-wife in a libel case.

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The actress, who would be required to pay her ex-husband $8 million in compensation, announced that she would fight the court’s ruling.


A motion for a fresh trial was submitted on July 13 in keeping with her promise. During the trial, Heard’s defense team claimed that there was insufficient proof of her guilt and that it was improper for one of the jurors to be present. Since there was no proof of fraud or illegality, the judge turned down the request.