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Alone In The Dark, A Reinvention Of The Legendary Horror Franchise Has Been Revealed By THQ Nordic

The latest edition was revealed on Friday during a digital conference, and the videos featured on this page allow you to witness the official teaser and VGC’s own game clip.

At THQ’s Swedish studio Pieces Interactive, Alone in the Dark is currently under production. According to VGC, the third-person, single-player roleplaying game has been in creation for four years. Guy Davis designed the game’s monsters, and Mikael Hedberg (Amnesia, SOMA) directed and wrote the script (Evolve, Pacific Rim).

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The new release is “a love letter to the classic,” according to THQ, and it aims to capture “the traditional third-person horror game combination” of “odd and engaging characters, a gaseous planet, and intense action.”

The first Alone in the Dark was considered a pioneer of the psychological thriller subgenre because it was out four years before the first Resident Evil, and the game’s creator, Pieces Interactive, said it was determined to recreate the feel of the first.

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The game’s website statement states, “Browse the many areas, fight monsters, solve puzzles, and learn the awful truth about the castle of Derceto while acting as Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood.”

The uncle of Emily Hartwood vanished in 1920 in the heart of the American South. She searches for him in the manor of Derceto, a mental hospital in which something is hiding, with the assistance of private investigator Edward Carnby.

You’ll come across odd residents, nightmare kingdoms, frightening monsters, and a wicked conspiracy. You run the danger of having your convictions challenged by the adventure that lies ahead at the intersection of truth, wonder, and insanity. What will you think, who will you put your faith in, and what will you do next?

According to reports, the new release will include two character customization, and based on which one the player selects; the plot will develop in a unique manner.

According to the statement, “you can view the story from two perspectives, and your experience will alter dramatically.” There are different regions that only Edward or Emily can access, and all NPCs’ reactions to you will vary, leading to entirely different scenarios.