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Alicia Silverstone Acknowledged That She Shares A Bed With Her Son Bear, Who Is 11 Years Old

Actress Alicia Silverstone , 45, is raising her ex-husband Christopher Jarecki’s 11-year-old son Bear. The celebrity confesses that some of her practices are probably going to draw criticism from the public, but she doesn’t really care.

The celebrity claimed on the Ellen Fisher program that she still shares a bed with her kid.

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“I’m probably going to get into problems because of what I said. However, I could care less. I am a typical loving mommy. Our civilization is terrified of nature and love, and I believe in both,” remarked Silverstone.

In the past, Silverstone has made debatable claims regarding the parenting of her son that were well-received. The actress, therefore, acknowledged that she and her son were bathing two years ago.

The son of Alicia Silverstone had quite long hair for a while. He was never forbidden from expressing himself or subjected to the star’s dictates. However, Bear experienced bullying from his peers as a result of his long hair. He soon made the decision to change how he looked and cropped his hair.

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In her 2014 book, The Kind Mama, the Clueless star contrasted letting her child sleep in a crib to “child neglect.” In 2020, Silverstone claimed that she and Bear frequently wake up and “snuggle for two or three hours” before she bathes with him.

She continued by saying that her approach to parenting was “loving,” centered on open communication, and excluded items like TV from her family.

Then Silverstone made a joke about how she would “get in trouble” with mom-shamers, but she later added, “I don’t really care” at this time in her life.


A clinical psychologist with three parenting best-sellers to her credit, According to Dr. Laura Markham, attachment parenting is effective up to a point, but when kids start to become overly connected, parents need to learn how to adopt a “hands-off” approach.