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After The Wedding, Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck’s New Location Came To Be Known

For a very long time, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been seeking a place to call home. The couple was unable to locate a home that satisfied all of their needs. But after a protracted search, they eventually discovered a suitable mansion thanks to good fortune.

Rumor has it that the pair moved to a lavish property in Beverly Hills after getting married last weekend in Las Vegas. They claim that until recently, it belonged to James Packer, a billionaire, and Mariah Carey’s ex-boyfriend.

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Other noteworthy individuals who have lived there in the past include Danny DeVito and his wife, Rhea Perlman. Since the home was not even on the market, it is unknown how much Lopez and Affleck paid for it.

According to real estate specialists, the couple purchased it on a closed market. It cost $60 million when Packer bought it in 2018, so that serves as a rough approximation.

The 9,000 square meter house provides entertainment and luxuries for every taste, including a home theatre, a hair salon, a gym, an entertainment room, a wine cellar, a sizable swimming pool, and a number of guest houses.

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It goes without saying that the couple chose a home that would be cozy for both themselves and their children from prior relationships. Additionally, the couple has five for every two.

Ben Affleck spends a lot of time with the Affleck children, even though they reside with their mother, Jennifer Garner. The former partners raise the children together.

In a previous post, More than ten years ago, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck started dating. One of the most attractive couples in history was Bennifer.


The wedding was then almost brought up. However, the star and his girlfriend ended their relationship just before this joyous occasion. They ultimately got together after roughly 18 years. And they got engaged this year.