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After Leaving ‘House Of Cards,’ Kevin Spacey Will Pay The Producers $31 Million

After being removed from the Netflix series House of Cards due to claims of sexual harassment on the set, Kevin Spacey will pay the producers a sizable settlement.

Kevin Spacey, a 63-year-old actor, was ordered on Thursday by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mel Red Rekana to pay $29.5 million in damages as well as an extra $1.5 million in legal costs.

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After repeated accusations of sexual assault, the House of Cards producers cut off their ties with Spacey in 2017.

After learning that Spacey was blatantly preying on children, including a series assistant producer, the group opened an investigation.

After breaking the company’s sexual harassment policy, Spacey was subsequently told to make up the money to the studio in 2020.

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At the time, Media Rights Capital asserted that Spacey had cost them millions in lost revenue because of his inappropriate behavior, which led to the show’s cancellation and a five-episode reduction in the sixth season of House of Cards.

Later, Spacey’s attorneys submitted a protest urging the court to reject the request. The opposition claimed in a statement that despite Spacey taking part in the culture that predominated on the set, which was full of sexual innuendos, jokes, and benign pranks, “he never harassed anyone.”

Spacey actually stopped when he heard that his actions had made someone feel unwelcome or unwelcome in any other way.

After Netflix informed the petitioners that Spacey could not and would not be involved in Season 6, the lawyers said, “as the Court of Arbitration agreed, the episode decrease was a predetermined conclusion.”

However, the judge disregarded the fact that Netflix was not even aware of the conduct he deemed to be a breach of contract at the time this decision was made.


In other words, the damages suffered by the plaintiffs could not be linked to the breaches identified by the court since they had already occurred by the time the violations were discovered.