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After His Late Wife Olivia Newton-John Passed Away, John Easterling Gave Her Appreciation

In a heartfelt homage to the “Grease” actress, John Easterling spoke of his love for his late wife Olivia Newton-John and lauded her “brave” personality.

Two days after she passed away at age 73 after a protracted fight with breast cancer, he sent a message on Instagram to her in honor of her: “Olivia, our affection for one other surpasses our understanding.”

“We showed our thankfulness for this affection, which could be so profound, genuine, and pure, every day. Never once did we need to “work” on it. Along with a photo of himself and Newton-John, he said, “We were in wonder of this immense enigma and embraced the sensation of our affection as a past, present, and eternal.

He talked about his late wife’s “soul” and how her music, words, and touch could “heal.” The 70-year-old said of her, “She was the bravest woman I’ve ever met.” “Her capacity for sincerely taking care of people, the environment, and all living things is nearly beyond what is reasonably possible.

“I have only been able to share the richness and intensity of her being for so long via the mercy of God. Even in her worst moments, she consistently maintained her enthusiasm, sense of humor, and resolve to bring things to light.

He closed by thanking everyone for their “love and support” and added, “Even now, as her soul soars, the anguish and wounds in my soul are filled with the joy of her adoration and the brightness that shines onward.

Nearly ten years before the singer realized her breast cancer had resurfaced and spread to her sacrum, the couple wed in 2008.

The actress’s passing “was not a surprise” to her relatives, thus according to her niece Totti Goldsmith, as she had “genuinely fought with a great deal of pain in her dying days.