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After Crashing The Last One, Kanye West Purchased A Friend, A$AP Bari, A Car For Around Ten Million Dollars

After his divorce from Kim Kardashian, it appears that Kanye West won’t disappear from the front pages of international publications.

The rapper once again offered people a chance to talk about themselves before Internet users had time to debate the extravagant sums the rapper spends on clothing from the Balenciaga line; previously, many believed that he was receiving items nearly for free.

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A$AP Bari, a 30-year-old American streetwear designer whose real name is Jabari Shelton, flaunted a new luxury vehicle on social media the other day. The fashion designer was shocked and exclaimed, “You really bought me a Maybach!”

He emphasized that he had crashed his Maybach, which was very similar to that one, just a few days earlier. Jabari emphasized that he kept the accident a secret from everyone, including his fans. The fashion designer praised Kanye once more at the conclusion of his article.

By the way, this is not the first time West has backed Shelton. He offered his opinion on a Jabari sex scandal in 2018. “Bari, I value your perspective and outlook.

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The rapper stated on social media that “Real Jedi will never let another person’s view or cancellation culture come between them. It’s interesting to note that Shelton admitted to sexual harassment in 2019.

The rapper for Gold Digger also uploaded a screenshot of himself and Bari, writing, “There’s no way I would have the number one record in the world without this man here.” He helped me emerge from my haughty, wealthy n***a shell.

After news broke that a production company was suing Kanye for $7 million £6 million for violating his contract after he allegedly failed to pay them, he reportedly spent a lot of money on a car.