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After A Few Months Of Relative Silence Regarding The New Horror Game, EA May Be Prepared To Share More Information On The Dead Space Reboot

In the following weeks, gamers will learn about new sci-fi horror games. In the beginning, there is the survival-horror game The Callisto Protocol, which will present some brand-new gameplay at this year’s Gamescom. As EA plans to rewrite the beginning of engineer Isaac Clarke’s story, the upcoming Dead Space Remake will function as a soft reboot for the beloved genre. EA may soon reveal additional information about the game.

A live media event scheduled during the final week of September 2022 is expected to reveal more details about the Dead Space reboot. A briefing about the remake, a Q&A session with the developers, and a hands-on look at the remake of the horror classic are all reportedly included in this event.

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According to reports, Dead Space Remake fans can anticipate another in-depth review around the end of September. This will occur at a presentation-led session that will feature developers’ questions. Hopefully, there will be another opportunity to evaluate how much the Dead Space remake has changed from the original game. Fans have already observed the significant visual alterations that will be included in the remake, but there are more adjustments.

According to reports, the remake of Dead Space will also include some of the game’s omitted content from the original. However, EA has in store for this new conference; as long as it provides a novel glimpse at Motive’s progress on the Dead Space Remake, it will surely thrill many fans. Many people are looking forward to the return of the distinct horror franchise Dead Space because it has been nearly ten years since the third game in the series.

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A September presentation for the Dead Space Remake provides EA and Motive plenty of time to generate buzz about the game in the months before its release, which is scheduled for January 2023.