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Adele Is Having Another Las Vegas Tour And She’s Excited To Announce The Rescheduled Dates

Adele has been loved for her music for a very long time. Not only is she an incredibly talented singer, but she’s also one of the few women who has won the world with her personality and humor. Adele is an inspiration to many and many of her fans have been loyal to her since the beginning.

A while ago, a tour of Adele was canceled in Las Vegas which upset a lot of people. However, new dates for the tour have been announced and even Adele can’t contain her excitement. Although her last one had been canceled just a few hours before it was meant to happen, the new dates for her tour “Weekends With Adele Las Vegas Residency” have just been announced.

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The dates for the new tour are November 18 in 2022 and go from there till March of 2023. The singer wants all of her fans to be able to come to see her perform. Not only has she rescheduled all 24 of her canceled shows, but she’s also added 8 new dates so everyone can have a chance to come to see her perform.

The priority of ticket purchasing will of course be given to those who bought the show tickets before and had them refunded. Those ticket sales are meant to go up after two weeks on August 10.

Adele herself had been very upset because of her canceled shows. She posted on social media to apologize to fans for the delay in announcing the rescheduling days of her performances. Her previous reasons for the show being canceled had been the Covid 19 problem however this time, she promises to give her fans everything that they paid for.

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Her original shows were announced in November 2021. These shows were meant to begin on January 21 and go till April 16. She was extremely apologetic, especially to those who had traveled for her show and she felt as if she was letting everyone down. She did mention in a video that her crew was trying to get everything right but it just wants to work out so it would be better not to have the show.


Fans are excited about the new shows and have already begun planning to buy tickets.