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Actress Danielle Ruhl, From The Show Love, Is Blind, Files For Separation From Nick Thompson

Love may be blind, but it’s clear that this reality couple had a difficult time navigating their route to a promising future without the help of the media.

It was revealed on Sunday that the final marriage from Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” season 2 is over. According to paperwork acquired exclusively by TMZ, Danielle Ruhl filed for separation from Nick Thompson on August 15.

The information was released shortly after a different update on Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones, the only other couple that survived their nuptials by the conclusion of the second season: On August 17, the couple shared a joint statement on Instagram announcing that they, too, would be starting a divorce process.

The intense heat of this summer may have brought to light deeper problems in the relationships, which started with the show’s exclusion of meet-cutes between these briefly successful reality dating show contestants.

Seeking a “framework” for her partnership with Thompson “after being thrown back into reality” had been difficult, Ruhl told Page Six back in March. Even in passing, the pair made mention of their efforts to “recreate” the conditions of their meeting.

It resulted in a lot of travel. It resulted in scheduling time to spend with friends and family, Thompson remarked at the time. We made careful to maintain some sort of regularity so that we could keep laying the groundwork for our future success.

Even so, the two appeared to be continuing their relationship during the past few months. The most current social media images of them together, which depict the former couple appearing to be having a blast at Lollapalooza, were uploaded to Ruhl’s Instagram on August 1.

Furthermore, Ruhl was open about her plans to have Thompson and her rekindle their vows as recently as July. She said Us Weekly this month, “We really want to throw a reception at either our two or three-year anniversary to make sure all of our relatives can be there.