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Activision Is Charged With Copying Dr. Disrespect’s Video Game In Exchange For A Call Of Duty Skin

Activision is under fire for allegedly doing it again with a skin that strikingly resembles a “Modified version” in Midnight Society’s forthcoming extraction shooter Deadrop, just a few weeks after admitting the “mistake” of stealing the Floof Fury skin for Call of Duty: Warzone.

Players that bought early access tickets for the game during the first round are known as variants in the universe of Deadrop. They receive “VisorCortex IDs,” which are essentially NFTs that provide their owners exclusive visor skins, as one of the perks for being first in line. Compared to Daft Punk, more blatantly martial.

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Before the game for the Midnight Society had a name, the studio announced in March that “The VisorCortex works as your identification within the Midnight Society that can be used as your authenticated avatar even outside the community.”

Variants can trade VisorCortex IDs with other Access Pass holders in exchange for Access Passes without losing their Variant benefits, or they can trade their Access Pass and the VisorCortex ID that is tied to it to give up their utility inside the Midnight Society.

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The latest Doomsayer skin for Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard was released by Activision this week. People immediately observed how strikingly similar the skin is to a Deadrop visor skin, with a luminous, light blue holographic skull behind a baggy grey hood.

And not just any visor skin, but so very particularly that of Robert Bowling, who, before joining Midnight Society, served as the studio’s community engagement manager and creative strategist for the Call of Duty video game series.

On Twitter, Bowling seemed to recognize the parallels, writing without any clear context, but it was tough to miss”At least mention it after me.” And there’s no denying that the designs are quite similar. But, while being respectfully said, both designs are also rather generic.