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According To Attorneys For Amber Heard, Johnny Depp Had Erectile Dysfunction, Which Likely Contributed To His Anger

Amber Heard isn’t going to give up, even after a high-profile case drew media coverage from all around the world. She still has faith that she can establish her case in court.

So, it was recently revealed that the actress had sold her home to begin paying off a substantial debt owed to her by her ex-husband, and as of late, court documents drafted by well-known attorneys have made their way into international magazines.

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Although Mr. Depp would rather not discuss his erectile issues, the actress’s attorneys contend that she was to blame for the sexual assault and rage that Amber Heard experienced.

These documents claim that his wife experienced frequent aggression flare-ups as a result of this disease. Heard further asserts that Depp used certain medications to treat erectile dysfunction.

They were unable to assist him, and as a result, the actor apparently became even furious and once “took it all out” on Amber.

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The actress also maintains that Johnny’s friends, David Hurd and Marilyn Manson, did not have the best influence on him. The Aquaman actor claimed that Depp frequently met her father for a glass of wine.

In a previous post, In a June interview with Good Morning America, a male juror said that “some of us used the word ‘crocodile tears'” in reference to Heard’s emotional outburst while discussing assault and violence in front of the courthouse and millions of viewers at home.

The jury member continued, saying they thought Depp was “more credible” and “just seems a little more genuine.”

Heard’s team resisted Depp’s attempts to mention her “short time as an exotic dancer” and nude images of her in court, according to pre-trial records, which were also made public.


Prior to seeing the actor, they alleged that Depp’s crew was attempting to “frivolously and deliberately imply or suggest that Ms. Heard was at one point an escort.”